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The Dojo at the Gleisdreieck regularly hosts seminars for Aikido and Kenjutsu, lead by Ulli and Max as well as befriended teachers from Germany and all over Europe.

Serak Sensei Bielefeld 12. - 13. August 2022

Aikido with U. Serak Shihan

After a long break due to the pandemic, Serak Sensei is teaching a seminar at the Aikikai Bielefeld again.

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U.Serak Bielefeld 2022


7 pm – 8:30 pm

11 am – 1 pm
3 pm – 5 pm


Aikikai Bielefeld e.V.
Jöllenbecker Str. 34
33613 Bielefeld

Lothar Twele
phone: +49 5203/884863
eMail: l.twele@arcor.de

sword encounter 17. - 18. September 2022

Facing The Unknown

sword encounters

In the awareness that in life we are always confronted with the uncertainty of the next moment, the encounter with the sword is about trust in and in what is happening. The pandemic has taught us directly that living conditions can change radically in a very short space of time. This insecurity in everyday life, the feeling of being at your mercy, means a high level of stress for all of us.

In working with the sword we practice facing the unknown and develop the ability to stay centered, NO MATTER WHAT.

In many cultures, the sword is still a symbol of sincerity, clarity, and decision-making power. Its meaning goes far beyond a defensive and offensive weapon and is used in the way of the sword as a tool to sharpen the mind and to come to a deeper understanding of oneself in this confrontation.

We invite you to experience this work for yourself this weekend in individual as well as in partner exercises with the traditional Japanese wooden sword (bokken). Previous knowledge is unnecessary, only your interest and openness to engage in a deeper self-awareness process.


Max Eriksson, Aikido & Kenjutsu (6th Dan)
HP Sada Rothacker, Body Psychotherapist


Aikido Dojo at the Gleisdreieck
Tempelhofer Ufer 36, 10963 Berlin


Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


250 euros regular
Early Bird 200 euros (until July 30)
150 euros for the unemployed, social security recipients, students, etc.

The costs include a small snack during breaks. The practice bokken can be kept after the end of the course.

Please bring comfortable clothing to move around in.

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Christian Tissier Shihan 22. - 26. October 2022

Aikido seminar with Tissier Shihan

We are very happy to have Tissier Sensei again for a five-day Berlin seminar this year.


coming soon.

Registration is not open jet.


Sporthalle der FU Berlin
Malteserstraße 74-100, 12249 Berlin
entrance ist at „Haus A“

Busstop „Emmichstrasse“, line M82 & X83


Saturday till Tuesday
10.00–11.00 h Bokken
11.00–12.30 h Aikido
14.00–15.30 h Aikido

10.00–11.00 h Bokken
11.00–12.30 h Aikido

seminar fee:

full seminar : 150€
per day : 50€
half day : 30€