ulrike serak, 6. dan aikikai tokyo    max eriksson ohlwein, 6. dan aikikai tokyo

Aikido school Berlin Kreuzberg

Teaching principals

We are confident that it is not enough to perfect the technical aspects alone. Therefore we emphasize from the beginning the connection of breathing and movement. After all, the mastery of Aikido techniques depends on whether the Ki can flow freely because the body is permeable and the movements are natural. That does not mean that we don’t value the technic in Aikido. However, the practice of technique or kata in Aikido is more comprehensive than in sport, where perfection is used to achieve better performance. In Aikido we practice Kata to grasp the inherent principles and above all to become one with the movements of the partner. If the technic is mature, one can solve any situation without hesitation.

Keeping the beginner’s mind

From our own experience, we know that effort and pleasure in training are inseparable. Your own efforts are the mainstay of the Aikido training, only by this, the meaning of the exercise becomes clear. Therefore, it is necessary to keep this beginner’s spirit, out of effort and joy, also as an advanced practitioner. Without that, your own ideas and your own preferences will otherwise easily become the benchmark of the exercise. Without recognizing that they represent an obstacle in further development. We are always happy to see newcomers on the mat. They make the dojo more alive and boost our motivation to find new ways to teach Aikido!

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