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Practice space for Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Bodywork

Studio 60 square meters

Since we moved our Dojo to the first floor we have a second practice room available for subletting. The room is perfect suitable for quiet one on one or group practice like Meditation, Yoga, Tachi, Qi Gong, bodywork, personal training and coaching.


60 sqm seminar space with sealed wooden floor, tee kitchen, 2 dressing rooms incl. showers. flipchart, Yoga matts, puzzle matts, meditation cushions, blakets.

Available times

At the moment we are fully booked during the week. Weekends for workshops are still available.

terms and conditions

Monthly rent for regular classes, 6 month contract

daytime until 5 pm: 100€ per month 90 minutes
evening from 5.30 pm: 150€ per month 90 minutes
The prices are calculated for one course per week. For multiple courses during the week, the monthly price per course will be reduced.

Workshops and Seminars

for a single weekend, Saturday and Sunday, we ask 300€
for a single week day until 5 pm, Monday till Friday, we ask 100€

Use by hour

Hourly fee is depending on the way of use, time of the day and bookend hours in total. Please contact us for more details, available times and your individual needs.
All prices are final and do not include MwSt.

available times for weekly classes, workshops and seminars


At the moment most of the evening slots are taken during the week.
On Wednesday, the room is currently available from 19.30 clock.

From April 1st, more evening slots will be available.

Ongoing morning class are currently possible from Monday to Friday.


On weekends (Saturday / Sunday) the room can be rented for seminars or workshops.

Please contact us via eMail for availability.

contact and location

How to get there

Our space is located at Tempelhofer Ufer 36, 10963 Berlin.
Entrance is in the second backyard at the 1. Floor. We are in comfortable walking distance, less than five minutes, to U-Bahnhof Gleisdreieck (U1, U2, U15), busstop Schöneberger Brücke (M29) and S-Bahnhof Anhalterbahnhof (S1, S2, S26). The U-Bahnhof Möckernbrücke (U1, U7, U15) is a little more far away but sill in a walkable distance, aproximatly 5 to 10 minutes.

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Contact us

Max Eriksson Ohlwein, mobil: 0176 47785186

Ulrike Serak, mobile: 0177 5544216

eMail: info@aikido-gleisdreieck.de