ulrike serak, 6. dan aikikai tokyo    max eriksson ohlwein, 5. dan aikikai tokyo

Actual information about events, seminars and schedule changes, as well as special announcements for dojo members.

more online classes in February and some great news

The lockdown will continue for while. 😒

That is why we are prepared for more online practice from head to toe.
After 2 weeks we already have a small, fine group of participants, but we can happily add even more.

Mon, Wed, Fri there is Aikido online at 6 p.m.
Tue and Thu there is sword practice, with a focus on Suburi on Tuesday and on Thursday on Kenjutsu Kata practice.

You only have to register once, the link for the meeting stays the same so that you can also join spontaneously.

Max is also still practicing in the park (except when it rains) on Mon, Wed, and Fri and splits the air with a stick or sword. A few intrepid Dojo members have made this a habit too. 😉

It is not so easy to maintain the Budospirit under the current conditions, and it takes more initiative and effort to stay on the WAY.

But you don’t just stop being an Aikidoka because you’re not allowed to practice on the mat. Everyone finds his or her own way, and that’s alright.

For those of you who haven’t noticed yet – there is also some exciting news to report!

At this year’s Kagami Biraki ceremony in the Hombu Dojo, many high Dan grades were confirmed and announced, including two from our dojo.

Werner Gräf received the 5th Dan
Max Eriksson got the 6th Dan

I am very happy for both of them, who are indispensable for our dojo.
Max as a dojo leader by my side and Werner as a committed teacher and training partner.
Incidentally, Werner has been in my dojo for 30 years straight, without any interruption, and Max for 20 years!

When I look back on such a long time, I know that we will definitely survive a crisis like the current one, with very tough restrictions at times!

I am confident that there will be a wonderful new beginning – with the support of all of you. 🙏😊

Stay healthy and confident

best regards
Ulli and Max

November Greetings.

Dear Dojo members,

hopefully all of you are well and do not suffer so much from the current restrictions!

Together with you we want to bring the dojo as a place and as a community through this second lockdown time and we know that it could be more difficult than in March, when spring was just around the corner and the prospect of training in the fresh air!

We want to stay in contact with you and keep you up to date about activities of ours and friends of ours aikido teachers that you can participate in.

Max will announce and link information about this on our homepage.

We would also like to inform you about the results of the general meeting of the Aikido Federation and what new perspectives this opens up for our dojo.

Last Sunday it was decided that Dan exams up to 4th Dan can be held in all dojos of the Federation.

The prerequisite for this is that a member of the grading committee takes over the chairmanship and holds the exams together with the teacher of the inviting dojo.

For our dojo this means that we will organize Dan exams as soon as the Corona restrictions allow and we can practice again with contact and in groups.

Max was elected first chairman and Werner Gräf was appointed to the examination committee.

Christiane Gräf has given up her position as treasurer, but remains with the association with her commitment to child and youth work and of course to other matters and issues.

I myself remain a member of the NTK and the grading committee.

It may not seem like the right time to sign up for the Aikido Federation, but it would also be a great sign to promote the spread and continuation of Aikido beyond your own dojo with your membership in the federation (30 € annual fee).

The federation is doing a good job of spreading Aikido and the more people get involved, the better!

We won’t discouraged and will find new and creative ways to stay in touch with each other and together we look forward to better times!

Max and Ulli

Meditation is possible also in November

Meditation may continue to take place under the current restrictions, the group size depends on the size of the room.

The midday meditation offer will be resumed with a maximum of 8 participants. The meditation is instructed so that even completely inexperienced people can participate.

Please check our booking system for the dates and of course also to register.

november blues.

As if November wasn’t already one of the darkest, most depressing months of the year, now this too:

We have to close the dojo for the next 30 days!

As soon as we have more, more hopeful information, you will find it here, in the same place – so visit our website more often!

Right now, we are trying to find out whether the new regulation allows you to train alone or in pairs, without contact in the dojo. There is once again room for interpretation within the ordinance. 😏

For your individual training at home, we recommend our short videos with solo aikido, stick and sword katas.

best regards
Ulli and Max

full schedule as of october

In October the Dojo will be on regular schedule again, so to speak.

We are very happy that we have so many new members, in Aikido and Kenjutsu as well, who regularly come to classes.

A characteristic of Budo practice is the fact that everything is constantly changing and contact with new training partners, especially with beginners, is essential!

  • On Wednesdays and Fridays we have two classes in the evening again.
  • Additionally a Aikido lunch class on Thursdays and Za Zen before.

The university class will also be back on November 6th. It mixes with the basic training at 7.30 p.m. on Friday and is also open to you.
Experience has shown that never all of the students are there and after 2 weeks attendance decreases to half. Since students also have to register via our booking system, please wait until Thursday with your booking, as they have priority for this course.
Please do not register for the first course on October 6th.

Everyone has got used to the booking system by now and that will probably stay with us for a while. Of course we hope for a time afterwards where everyone can simply come back to class and practice without any contact restrictions.

Let’s get through the winter together mindful, healthy and in a positive mood, and not let the general mood frighten us.

Ulli and Max

new classes and dojo picnic

Dear Dojo members,

Since the training hours in the dojo fill up slowly, there will be training again on Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m. from September.

At the moment the Aikido lessons on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are particularly popular and quickly sold out. We recommend that everyone who can only attend one of these dates register in good time.

All other lessons have never been fully booked, so the more flexible ones always have enough alternative dates.

We continue to practice in small groups with a maximum of 4 people and with the windows wide open.

Everyone should feel as safe as possible.

The training sessions in the park with stick and sword take place as long as the weather permits and at least three people register.

On 12./13. September Max is doing a Kashima course in the dojo, so you cannot meet to prepare for the exam.

After the course on Sunday, September 13th from 1.30 p.m., we will meet in the park for a picnic in hopefully fine late summer weather.

Meeting point: sundeck in Westpark

best regards
Max and Ulli

Aikido with contact.

Dear Dojo members,

The time has come – We can train again with contact, the corresponding regulation will come into effect on July 21. , until then it will be tolerated.

But that doesn’t mean that we’re going back to the regular timetable just now.
Our dojo community is far too diverse for that.

  • Some have not been training since Corona, we hope only temporarily.
  • So far, some have only wanted to train outdoors and avoid the dojo, which is more windy than outside with cross ventilation.
  • Some may not want to train with contact in the dojo yet.
  • Some would have preferred to train in the dojo and with contact all the time (which of course we did not do).

We must consider all of this in the future.

When we come back from our vacation, from August 10th, we will offer more classes inside the dojo, with and without contact.

The classes in the park will be gradually reduced so that everyone can slowly get used to practice in the dojo again. The booking system will remain for the time being, because we still need participant lists.

Please keep up to date by checking our homepage more often – some changes can only be displayed at short notice.

A dojo is also a community, not like the family or the closest circle of friends, but still a community of people who trust each other and who like to be in contact.

We don’t want to jeopardize this, so we would like to keep the following in mind:

  • Does not come into training with the slightest signs of discomfort or elevated temperature.
  • If someone in your area has tested positive, please do not come to the dojo until you are sure that you have not caught the infection.
  • Follow the hygiene rules inside the dojo.
  • See the dojo community as an extended family that you can trust and that you want to protect at the same time.

We look forward to taking the next step with you!

Please come back for training (back)

All the best
Ulli and Max

ps: Please remember that the dojo is closed from July 18th to August 2nd.

new simplified regulations

Dear Dojo members,

another step forward, the restrictions of training in the dojo are no longer as strict as before.
The changing rooms and showers may be used again, of course not crowded.

This means that from now on we want to train again with our usual training clothes, i.e.Gi and Hakama. This is another step towards normalcy.

The minimum distance is now set to 1.50m indoors, so we can be back on the mat with 10-12 people. Outside of the mat, especially in the entrance area and in the changing rooms, one must wear a mask, but of course not during class.

For the Aikido training we increase the number of participants to 10 people and for the Kenjutsu lessons to 12 people. There will be still enough room to move and the minimum clearances can be maintained.

For the last 2-week until summer break from July 18 to August 1 and the first week after, the schedule remains as it is now.
After that, we may make small changes depending on the situation. We want to shift the practice more and more to the dojo, but at least until the end of September we will also provide outdoor classes, if the weather permits.

We are not discouraged and continue to train with heart and mind and the necessary distance! Come along, the mood is good!

best regards
Ulli and Max

From 8th of June we offer classes inside the Dojo again.

Dear Dojo members,

We will start to practice in the dojo again from June 8th. This is at least a little ray of hope because it means that we can practice many elements of Aikido again, e.g. rolling, falling, Shikko, and also Aikido partner exercises with the Jo, which are possible with a safe distance.

Even if training in the dojo is possible again, we will continue to meet in the park for training as long as you feel like it and sign up for the corresponding courses. We’re happy to offer outdoor training all summer long – it’s starting to be fun!

Now that we are able to offer more classes, everyone can take part in practice again and we hope you look forward to it too! Registration via our booking system (directly via the timetable) is still required, as the group size must not be exceeded, which means that we also have a list of participants for each course.

There are many things to consider when training in the dojo:

  • The changing rooms may only be used to a limited extent and showers may not be used at all, so you can come to the training area already changed, normal sports clothes are ok, Keiko Gi and Hakama are not necessary.
  • The training will take place with the windows open to avoid an accumulation of aerosols – if you are sensitive to drafts, please bring a bandana.
  • There is a 30-minute break between the training sessions so that many people can avoid the encounter.
  • There are marked exercise areas in the exercise room that guarantee the required minimum distance.

You have got used to the restrictions. We will all behave responsibly and show that we keep the spirit of Aikido alive with physical distance but without human distance.

A sense of community is also possible with a little distance.

See you soon
many Greetings
Ulli and Max

As of 15th of May we are allowed to have practice in groups outside.

After nine weeks of lock down and no practice, we are happy that we are now allowed to meet outside for contact free Jo, Ken and Aiki sessions.

On the schedule you will find the actual classes. If you click on the time you will get forwarded to the booking system (sorry, German only) and can make your reservation.

Unfortunately we have to limit the classes to 8 people, but it’s better than nothing.
Booking will be available one week before each class. Pleas only book one evening at the beginning, so more people get a chance of participating. 

Morning classes are less crowded, so there is a higher chance to get in.

We might have more classes during the coming weeks.

If you are new to the Dojo and not a member jet, please contact us before you book a time slot.

morning classes

evening classes

kids classes