ulrike serak, 6. dan aikikai tokyo    max eriksson ohlwein, 5. dan aikikai tokyo

Actual information about events, seminars and schedule changes, as well as special announcements for dojo members.

New classes for Za Zen and Aikido during lunch time

Starting next week Thursday, January 16th, there will be a lunch  class for Za Zen and for Aikido in the dojo.

Ullrike has shifted her morning classes from Tuesday to Thursday noon.

Za Zen for everyone from 11.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
Aikido for everyone from 12.30 p.m. to 1.30 p.m.

up coming events at the Dojo

Happy new year.

We hope you got in well and had the opportunity to recharge and relax between the years.

We had a great winter course and last Saturday the dojo was cleared of the dust of the previous year thanks to many hard-working hands in all corners. 😉

In the new year, things will start again right away.

The first course is like every year with Phlippe Orban this weekend.

Two weeks later there is our traditional Kangeiko with Japanese breakfast again.

And immediately afterwards we have Bruno Gonzalez as a guest teacher in Berlin.

Ulli and I look forward to seeing you all again on the mat.

Aikido schedule between Christmas and New Year

The morning class on Saturday the 21st at 10am, is the last regular class of this season. Thereafter, there is no training until the winter seminar (26.12 to 30.12.).

First class in 2020 is on Friday the 3rd of January.

On Saturday the 4th of January we do a little New Year’s cleaning after morning class. Vacuuming and wiping in all small corners that are usually overlooked, intensive cleaning of showers and toilets, eliminate spider webs on the ceilings and windows, etc. …

With a lot of hands this is done in no time and the dojo shines again in fresh splendor.

Dojo Christmas party on Sat. 7th of December

as every year there is another Dojo Christmas party. Like last year, we will have a Sword and a Aikido class and picnic on the mat Japanese style afterwards.  When the mood is there is we can also put on some also music later on. 
The dojo serves Japanese curry with rice and drinks. Individual supplements to the buffet are of course, welcome.

1 pm to 2 pm Sword for All
14-15 clock aikido for all
At 4 pm the buffet opens and the social part can start. The end of the celebration is on
20 clock announced. Anyone who likes to spend a bit of time after tidying up can do so unofficially. 😉

Ulli and Max

Micheline Vailant Tissier Shihan in Berlin

At the end of November, beginning of December, we will have Micheline Vailant Tissier again in the dojo teaching a weekend seminar.

Micheline is technical director of the French Aikido Association FFAAA and one of the few women in the world who received the title of Shihan from Aikikai Hombudojo. Earlier this year, she also was awarded the 7th Dan Aikikai.

She teaches in the south of France and has been coming to our dojo for many years.
With her very warm and direct way of teaching, she has won many fans.

The course is open to all levels and Micheline is always happy to see many white belts on the mat.

ps: Due to the seminar, there is no morning class on Saturday.

Aikido seminar with Tissier Shihan in Berlin

From October 12th to 16th Christian Tissier Shihan will give a seminar in Berlin-Lankwitz.

All necessary information can be found on our web page under “Seminars”.

During the course dojo schedule will be reduced. The morning classes on Sat, Mon, Tue, and Wednesday will not take place. On Monday evening there is one class for all levels at 6.30pm. Tuesday and Wednesday stays the same as usual.

Day of the German unity

Next Thursday, October the 3rd, is the a national holiday, the day of the German unity.

There will be a holiday class for beginners and advanced with Max from 6:30 pm to 8 pm.

On Friday and Saturday all trainings will take place as usual.

End of summer schedule on 31'st of August

From Monday the first of September the Dojo is back to the regular schedule. On Monday we have changed to the same pattern as Wednesday, so the basic class will start at 6.30 pm. Otherwise all times stay the same as before the summer schedule.

On request of Christiane, Max will teach the morning session on Monday and Christane on Wednesday.

Impressions from the dojo summer party 2019

Dojo summer party on the 17th of August

Since Monday Ulli and Max are back and giving the classes in the dojo.

As already announced, the Dojo Summer Festival will take place on Saturday the 17th of August.

Of course there will be training in the dojo also and after that we will head over to the old Kreuzberg beer garden “Brachvogel”.
The dojo donates some food and the first drink, as well as coffee and cake.

The training starts at 11.30 am with Sword (for all) followed by Aikido at 12.30 pm.
Then we have enough time for showering, moving etc. before the sociable part begins at the “Brachvogel”. The “Biergaten” is about 20 minutes walk from the dojo.

Many of you have already registered and we have now placed a pre-order. If you have not registered yet, please let us know NOW.

Everyone can come to the training course, even if you do not have time to come to the party after that.

After three intensive weeks we are very happy to be back in the dojo and to see you all again soon.

best regards
Ulli and Max

Aikido summertime from 1st of July to 31st of August

During the main holiday season, from 1 July to 31 August, the dojo has a reduced summer schedule. There will be training every afternoon for all levels and we try to keep that up, also in the absence of Ulli and Max. There may be a bottleneck at the end of July, so please check the website regularly.

Unfortunately, we can not offer morning classes to the full extent the whole time. Christiane is already on vacation and will not return until the 12th of August. Therefore, the Monday morning class will be canceled from now until 12.08.

Tuesday morning class will be cancelled from 1st of July. Wednesday morning will be held until July 17th and will be canceled after for three weeks.

The class of Werner on Friday morning takes place continuously, except for the Fridays on 19th and 26th of July.

We wish you a nice summer and hope to see you in the dojo too.

best regards
Ulli and Max

Aikido seminar with Bénezi Sensei from 21st to 23rd of June

This coming weekend we will have Patrick Bénezi Sensei teaching a seminar in our Dojo again.

Patrick will already arrive on Friday and teach one class from 8 pm to 9.30 pm.

Full seminar fee is 60€ and 20€ per single class.

Holiday class on Whit Monday

There will be one holiday class on Whit Monday at 6.30 pm with Max Eriksson Sensei

No Morning class on Monday.

Also there is no Za Zen and Aikido on Tuesday morning. Evening classes as usual.

Classes on Ascension day

On Christi Ascension day, Thursday the 30th of May, there is one class for all levels with Max from 6 to 7.30 pm.

Preparation for Kyu gradings with Serak and Eriksson Sensei

There will be a preparation seminar for Kyu tests in the Dojo, this upcoming weekend.
All levels are welcome and recommended to attend.

Please give us a short notice if you want to pass your next Kyu test.

The regular morning class on Saturday is canceled due to the seminar.

best Ulli and Max



practice on labour day

Hello from beautiful Tuscany.

There is one class for all on first of Max with Werner Gräf Sensei.

Max will be back teaching on Thursday and Ulli the week after.


Schedule during Easter holidays.

Aikido classes around Eastern:

  • On Good Friday is a morning class with Werner at 10 am, but no evening class.
  • Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, the dojo remains closed.
  • No morning classes on Tuesday the 23rd and 3oth of April as well as Wednesday the 17th and 24th of April.
  • On first of May there is one class with Werner at 6.30 pm.

Children classes during Easter school holidays:

  • During the school holidays (13th to 28th of April), there will be a children’s class on Wednesday the 17th and 24th of April from 5pm to 6pm for children from 7 years.

Training on international Women's Day

Berlin has a new holiday, the International Women’s Day.

It is about time!!

As every holiday, there is of course training in the dojo.

As always on Friday Aikido with Werner in the morning and in the evening Aikido for all with Ursula from 6pm to 7.30pm.

Unfortunately, there is no Kenjutsu class.

Ulli and Max are in Darmstadt for the seminar with Tissier Shihan.

Seminar with Bruno Gonzalez in Berlin

Right after Kangeiko week, we have Bruno Gonzalez Sensei teaching a seminar in Berlin.

The seminar is open to beginners and advanced and takes place in the Franz-Mett Sport Halle in Berlin Mitte. All information can be found at Seminars.

The regular class on Saturday morning is canceled for the 2nd of February due to the seminar.

Week of Kangeiko from Feb. 28th til Jan. 1st

The week of the annual Kangeiko is coming up.

We are looking forward for all the courageous who take the task of getting up early and head for the Dojo.

Please keep in mind, Za Zen starts at 6am and you need to be there about 10 minutes ahead of time. The doors of the Zendo will be closed at 6 am.

For all who make it, there is a reward after practice. Japanese breakfast, prepared by Ulli and Max with Love.

Good luck
Uli and Max

ps: There is no morning class on Tuesday and Wednesday during Kangeiko.


new mats for the Dojo.

Today the Dojo got 21 brand new mats.

Please come and break them in with some fancy ukemi.

Training in the unreal time between 2018 and 2019

After the great Christmas party on Saturday, the last regular week for this year has started. On Friday the 21st of December we will do Aikido for all at 17.45 and Kenjutsu at 19.00. After that, we give the mat a break for a few days until the winter seminar begins on the 26th of December. We are looking forward to have all of you who does not want to disappear completely in the sofa during the “contemplative time”. Also if you show up only for a few days or some classes. All information can be found under Seminars. The dojo will start again slowly on January the second with a Aikido class for everyone at 18.30 on Wednesday and Thursday, as well as Aikido and Kenjutsu on Friday. From Monday the 7th of January we will get to full schedule again. And here are some photos from the Christmas party. 😉 Of course there was undocumented training before.

Dojo Christmas Party on Saturday December 15th

Well, the end of the year is approaching and before that we have to deal with Christmas. After outsourcing the eating and drinking to our favorite Chinese place last year, this year Christmas party is back in the dojo, along with the yogis from Zen-Yoga. Of course there will be also training and after then a dojo picnic Japanese style. The dojo donates Japanese curry with rice, drinks and a few small extras. Individual additions to the buffet are, of course, welcome. 12-12.30 h basic Sword practice for every body / 12.30-13 h Kashima Kenjutsu for practitioners only 13-13.30 h Yoga for every body / 13.30-14 h Aikido for Yogis and Aikidokas together …! 14-15 Uhr Aikido for practitioners only Party starts with opening of the Japanese style buffet at 16 h. Cleanup at 20 h and then afterparty for the people who can’t find an end. 😉 Ulli and Max

Guest class with Céline Froissart, 4th dan from Paris.

Friendly class takeover on Monday 6.45pm by Céline from Paris.

Reduced schedule during the seminar with Tissier Shihan.

Christian Tissier Shihan will be in Berlin from 20th to 24th of October . The seminar takes place in the sports hall of the FU in Berlin Dahlem. Since we have plenty to do with the organization and most of the substitute teachers are attending, dojo schedule will be somewhat reduced.

  • Morning classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are canceled for the week of the seminar.
  • On Monday there will be one class only for beginners and advanced at 6.45pm.

At this point we would like to strongly recommend the course for everybody. It is also possible to participate only in individual classes.  

German unification day.

On Wednesday the 3rd of October, Germany celebrates its unification after decades of separation in east and west. It is a national holiday, so we will have only one Aikido class for all levels at 6.30 pm. Max ist teaching. There will be no morning class and no children class.