ulrike serak, 6. dan aikikai tokyo, shihan 聽聽 max eriksson ohlwein, 6. dan aikikai tokyo

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New basic class on Friday

Dear dojo members,

the summer is coming to an End, many have trained regularly even in the great heat, and have sweated profusely.

We are very happy that we have already gained some new dojo members and hope that the trend will continue for a while. We are a lively and dynamic dojo. And this is also because of the newcomers, whether they are beginners or aikidoka with a lot of experience. They all contribute to the atmosphere in our dojo and are always welcome.

We have expanded our offer for beginners:

Anyone interested in weapons training is welcome to attend the class on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m.
Additional a new basic class takes place on Fridays at 7:30 p.m.
It is usually led by our advanced students who look forward to gaining teaching experience and supporting you with your first steps.

See you at the dojo 馃槉
Ulli and Max

End of summer schedule on the 3rd of September.

Dear dojo members,

the summer plan is coming to an end. From Saturday 3rd the full schedule is coming back, with dynamic lessons and basic training.

Hopefully, we’ll still have a few warm weeks and get a nice late summer.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all on the mat again. Well rested and full of Aikido energy.

Please also have a look at the seminar page of our website.

There will be another sword course with Max in September and on October 22nd Christian Tissier Shihan will come to Berlin for a whole week again.

All the best and see you soon
Ulli and Max

it's summer time ind Berlin and also at the Dojo

Dear dojo members,

Summer has actually arrived, there’s no denying that.

From Monday, July 25th to August 31st, the summer plan 2022 will apply.
There is an Aikido class every evening and all classes are open to all members regardless of which level. The sessions on Wednesday and Friday are particularly suitable for newcomers and beginners. Ulli and Max will mainly teach, but also some of our advanced students.

Please follow this Link to our summer schedule for 2022.

Also, check our website regularly for any changes and announcements.

We wish you all a great summer and look forward to seeing you on the mat in the warm season. 馃槈

Many greetings
Ulli and Max

New basic class on Friday, starting June the 24th.

Dear dojo members,

On Friday there will be a new class at 7:30 pm!
We’re already starting this week, on June 24th.

The training is especially intended for beginners and for those who want to deepen their basics in Aikido.
It is led by advanced students from our dojo, who look forward to supporting you as a group and individually.
Use the additional opportunity to get to know our ambitious prospective Aikido teachers better!

Warm greetings
Ulli and Max

Aikido class on Whit Monday the 6th of June

The long May course was a nice event and at the end, there were beautiful exams for the third and second Kyu on Sunday. So we will have two more Hakamas in the Dojo now. 馃槈

June begins a bit cool and stormy, but hopefully, there will be enough sunshine for the long weekend.

On Whit Monday we have one Aikido class for all levels at 6 pm.

From Tuesday it will continue as usual.

Warm greetings
Ulli and Max

Time to celebrate again.

Dear dojo members and friends,

I am very happy that there is a reason for a drink in the dojo again. 馃嵒馃

I was appointed Shihan of the Aikikai (along with Lothar and Ulf). This is a great achievement for me personally, for our Dojo, and for the Aikido Federation Germany. And it is also a confirmation of decades of dedicated work for Aikido. 馃お

Max and I would like to celebrate with you a little bit on Friday, April 29th after the evening practice.
If you can’t make it to the class, you’re more than welcome to just come and toast with us.

Between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., there is champagne, beer, wine, water, and appetizers.馃馃嵒馃エ馃馃崳馃崟馃馃珤馃尪馃Υ

Until then!
Ulli and Max

schedule over Easter.


Spring is slowly coming through and many of you are using Easter to be away.

That’s why we’re reducing the training schedule a little during the Easter holidays.
Monday and Wednesday there is a training session for everyone. The other training sessions remain as they are.

On the upcoming holidays there will be a training on Good Friday with Max.
There is no training on Saturday and Easter Monday.

We wish you a nice Easter time.

Warm greetings
Ulli and Max

Update Christmas party

Spielplatz Krumme Lanke

Dear Dojo members,

due to the current situation, we decided to have a dojo winter walk on the Krumme Lanke instead of the indoor party. Unfortunately, the time to organize a paper chase like last year is a bit too short. So we will just have a walk through the forest together, relax, and hopefully have a good time.

In the end, there will be Ulli’s famous mulled wine in alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions and a few snacks to strengthen yourself, just like last year. Perhaps bring a thermos with you with tea or coffee.

The meeting point is the forest playground on Fischerh眉ttenstrasse on Saturday at 1 p.m. It can be easily reached on foot from the Krumme Lanke underground station. Go past the snack truck until you see the large parking lot on the left and turn right into the forest!

From here we go with small detours to the other end of the Krumme Lanke, the mulled wine is then available at the large swimming area. Who knows, maybe someone will jump into the water after all, in good tradition.

Since we meet outside there is of course no restriction to 2G.

We look forward to seeing you

Warm greetings
Ulli and Max

Christmasparty and winter seminar

Dear Dojo members,

As everyone has noticed, we have been obliged to offer our Aikido practice under 2G conditions since November 15th.
Even if the percentage of vaccinated people in the dojo is over 90%, it hurts us very much that some of us are now excluded from training.

We don’t know jet whether and under what conditions the winter seminar can take place or not. But we are very positiv that it will happen. Please register for the course via our booking system. We also want to carry out the Dan and Kyu exams as planned.

This year’s Christmas party takes place in the dojo.

On Saturday, December 11th Let’s start with a joint training session at 11:00 a.m., after that we want to spend a cozy afternoon in the dojo until about 5:00 p.m., Max and I provide food and drink with catering, mainly vegan to vegetarian. If someone would like to add something to it with dessert or cake, that is very welcome

Please register for the Christmas party by December 4th. via Yolawo so that we know how much food we need to order.
Even if you cannot or do not want to take part in the training, you can of course come to the relaxed part.

You can register for the training as usual via the link in the training schedule.

Lovely wishes
by Ulli and Max

more Aikido news for September

Dear Dojo members and newcomers

From September we will return to the full range of training courses, although it is still necessary for you to register using our booking system. Only when we are allowed to and want to train with an unlimited number again will we stop.

So far we have got through the summer very well, all classes are well attended and we are also happy to welcome some new members.

Click here for the new schedule starting in September.

There are also a few dates in September that we would like to recommend to you:

September 4th – AiFD Dan exams in our dojo.

You can still register for training before the exams. – Yolawo booking system

After the exams, we also hand over the Dan certificates to everyone who took their exams in October 2020. Afterward, from 5:30 p.m. we meet in the park at the Gleisdreieck on the wooden stairs for a drink and a snack (please bring your own). Please note! The meeting point was moved from the Tiergarten to Gleisdreieck Park because of the weekend demos.

Max and Werner want to douse their 6th and 5th Dan graduation with us and give out one!
All dojo members are cordially invited to join in, even if you weren’t there before in the dojo.

September 25th – Aikido course in the dojo with Max and Ulli

The focus is on the 5th – 3rd Kyu techniques. Afterward, there is the possibility to take Kyu exams. Of course, we also need online registration for this. – Yolawo booking system

We are pleased that you are so diligent in training.

Warm greetings
Ulli and Max