ulrike serak, 6. dan aikikai tokyo    max eriksson ohlwein, 5. dan aikikai tokyo

Actual information about events, seminars and schedule changes, as well as special announcements for dojo members.

new mats for the Dojo.

Today the Dojo got 21 brand new mats.

Please come and break them in with some fancy ukemi.

Training in the unreal time between 2018 and 2019

After the great Christmas party on Saturday, the last regular week for this year has started. On Friday the 21st of December we will do Aikido for all at 17.45 and Kenjutsu at 19.00. After that, we give the mat a break for a few days until the winter seminar begins on the 26th of December. We are looking forward to have all of you who does not want to disappear completely in the sofa during the “contemplative time”. Also if you show up only for a few days or some classes. All information can be found under Seminars. The dojo will start again slowly on January the second with a Aikido class for everyone at 18.30 on Wednesday and Thursday, as well as Aikido and Kenjutsu on Friday. From Monday the 7th of January we will get to full schedule again. And here are some photos from the Christmas party. 😉 Of course there was undocumented training before.

Dojo Christmas Party on Saturday December 15th

Well, the end of the year is approaching and before that we have to deal with Christmas. After outsourcing the eating and drinking to our favorite Chinese place last year, this year Christmas party is back in the dojo, along with the yogis from Zen-Yoga. Of course there will be also training and after then a dojo picnic Japanese style. The dojo donates Japanese curry with rice, drinks and a few small extras. Individual additions to the buffet are, of course, welcome. 12-12.30 h basic Sword practice for every body / 12.30-13 h Kashima Kenjutsu for practitioners only 13-13.30 h Yoga for every body / 13.30-14 h Aikido for Yogis and Aikidokas together …! 14-15 Uhr Aikido for practitioners only Party starts with opening of the Japanese style buffet at 16 h. Cleanup at 20 h and then afterparty for the people who can’t find an end. 😉 Ulli and Max

Guest class with Céline Froissart, 4th dan from Paris.

Friendly class takeover on Monday 6.45pm by Céline from Paris.

Reduced schedule during the seminar with Tissier Shihan.

Christian Tissier Shihan will be in Berlin from 20th to 24th of October . The seminar takes place in the sports hall of the FU in Berlin Dahlem. Since we have plenty to do with the organization and most of the substitute teachers are attending, dojo schedule will be somewhat reduced.

  • Morning classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are canceled for the week of the seminar.
  • On Monday there will be one class only for beginners and advanced at 6.45pm.

At this point we would like to strongly recommend the course for everybody. It is also possible to participate only in individual classes.  

German unification day.

On Wednesday the 3rd of October, Germany celebrates its unification after decades of separation in east and west. It is a national holiday, so we will have only one Aikido class for all levels at 6.30 pm. Max ist teaching. There will be no morning class and no children class.