Aikido im Sand

schedule for Aikido and Kenjutsu as well as for children and adolescent classes.

On Saturday the 15th of December we have the dojo Christmas party with training from 12pm.
Last regular class for this year will be on Friday the 21st December. After that we only have the winter seminar in between the years.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

8.00–9.00 am

Za Zen 2*20 min

9.00–10.15 am

Aikido for all

9.00–10.15 am

Aikido for all
U. Serak

9.00–10.15 am

Aikido for all
M. Eriksson

9.00–10.15 am

Aikido for all

10.00–11.00 am

no regular class
on Dec. 15

4.30–5.30 pm

children 6-9y

4.15–5.15 pm

children 4-6y

5.00–6.00 pm

children 9-12y

4.30–5.30 pm

children 9-12y

4.45–5.45 pm

children from 12y

5.30–6.45 pm

Aikido 50+

5.45–7.00 pm

Aikido for all

5.45–7.00 pm

Aikido + weapons

5.45–7.00 pm

Aikido for all

6.45–8.00 pm

Aikido basic

7.00–8.00 pm

Kenjutsu Kata

6.30–8.00 pm

Aikido 3. Kyu

7.00–8.30 pm

Aikido Basic
from Oct. 25th

7.00–8.00 pm

Kenjutsu basic

8.00–9.00 pm

Aikido 3. Kyu

8.00–9.00 pm

Kenjutsu basic

8.00–9.00 pm

Aikido basic

8.00–9.00 pm

Aikido basic engl.


Fundamental training for beginners and advanced. As a absolute beginner you are welcome to drop in for a first trial class. The Friday basic class is taught in English. Please be on time and bring clean and comfortable clothes you don`t wear outside. #starting Aikido

Aikdio 50plus

Special class for beginners starting at the age around 50.

Aikido Uni-Kurs

Aikido course in cooperation with the FU Berlin. Separate registration required. #FU-Aikido
Regular members of the dojo can also participate by request.


Old school Japanese sword fighting in the tradition of “Kashima no Tachi”.


Kyu’s from 5 to one are the students grades before the first black belt rank.
#grading sytem

Aikido + weapons

Aikido class with emphasis on weapons such as knife, sword and stick.
This class is open to beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Aikido for children from age 4 to 16 years

Body consciousness and psychological development

Anyone who has children or is dealing with children, knows that the physical, mental and spiritual development goes hand in hand. Each learning process on a physical level also entails a mental and psychological growth process in itself. In Aikido, the children can experiment with their movement spectrum, try new movements and incorporate into their repertoire. In this way, body consciousness is positively influenced and strengthened. However, the practice has not only an impact on fitness and health, but also promotes mental and psychological development.

The movements of Aikido transcend social and linguistic barriers

The Aikido Training offers children the opportunity to make a variety of movement experiences. Thus, the perception of children is improved in general. In addition, the basic movements of Aikido transcend all social and linguistic barriers and thereby have an integrative effect. The social competence is enhanced by the cooperative partnership during practice.

The movements of Aikido are smooth and dynamic, encourage attention and concentration and create a new body awareness. By emphasizing the partnership practicing, in which there is no competition, aggressions are reduced.

Classes for children from age 4 to 12 years

In children classes from age 4 to 6, we focus on general moving experience and body consciousness. The kids get to experience moving and rolling on the big open space of the Aikido mat and to interact with other children. From age 7, we begin with first simple but more formalized Aikido techniques and the basic methods of falling down. The emphasis is on the development of flexibility and coordination ability. In according to age we move on to more complex Aikido techniques and physical exercises.


Monday: 4.30 – 5.30 pm, age 6-9
Tuesday: 4.15 – 5.15 pm, age 4-6
Wednesday: 5.00 – 6.00 pm, age 9-12
New! – Thursday, 4.30–5.30 pm, age 9-12
Friday: 4.45 – 5.45 pm, age 12-16

New children are always welcome. Please call in advance!
mobil: 0177 5544216 or 030 2614546

Aikido for adolescent from age 13

Created from the martial arts of the samurai

Aikido is originated from the traditional fighting techniques of the samurai and has developed into a modern form of self-defense. The principle of Aikido is to use the energy of the attack and redirect in a different direction, without injuring the opponent. The attitude that comes in Aikido expression is thus not aggressive combative but actively peaceful. You learn to deal with aggression and to respond appropriately to an attack.

The Aikido techniques are dynamic and if properly handled very effectively. It is therefore important to thoroughly deal with the techniques (katas), to make progress. Also, the attacker must be able to fall safely from any situation without getting hurt. Therefore, the case school and strengthening exercises are an important prerequisite to practice Aikido in its dynamic form.

In addition to the techniques without weapons, dealing with stick and sword is also a regular part of Aikido. Training with the traditional weapons of the samurai makes for good posture, trains the attention and the timing.

Classe for adolescent

On Friday from 4.30 – 5.30 pm, age 12-16
If you are interested, please call or e-mail.


Helmut Seiler

Beginners are always welcome. Please call in advance!
mobil: 0177 5544216 or 030 2614546

Aikido for beginners at the age of 50 plus

More energy, health and vitality

The Aikido 50plus class aimed at older people who are untrained in physical activity. The principles and training methods of Aikido will be used to gain more physical mobility and fitness, more energy, health and vitality.

Focus of the training are natural breathing, energy exercises, gymnastics and exercises to build up the physical and mental attitude. Therefore, basic steps and basic techniques of Aikido are used and adapted.

You are always welcome to stop by and try out or watch the class.
Two trial classes are free, please bring comfortable sportswear.


Montag, 17.30–18.45 Uhr

Werner Gräf, 4. Dan Aikikai

For more information please contact us: mobil 0177 5544216 oder 0176 47785186

membership fees for adults, children and adolescent

Monthly fee for Aikido unlimited classes
(adults and adolescents from 16)

professionals – 80 € per month
concession (students or unemployed) – 65 € per month

Monthly fee for Kenjutsu unlimited classes
(adults and adolescents from 16)

professionals – 60 € per month
concession (students or unemployed) – 50 € per month

Monthly fee for Aikido and Kenjutsu unlimited classes
(adults and adolescents from 16)

professionals – 100 € per month
concession (students or unemployed) – 85 € per month

Monthly fee for Aikido children classes

children (4 to 6) – once per week 40 € per month
(two teachers)
children (from 7) – once per week 35 € per month
twice per week 45 € per month
adolescent (from 12) – once per week 40 € per month
twice per week 50 € per month

The grading system in Aikido

The grading system in Aikido is divided into kyu and dan grades. It starts by the 5th Kyu and ends withe 8th Dan. From 2nd Kyu you wear the hakama (trad . Jap. Culottes) and, from 1st Dan black belt in addition.
As often assumed, the 1st Dan is not a sign mastery in Aikido. It simply means that the student has completed the stage of pure learning the techniques and can more concentrate on the excess principles of Aikido.

In Aikido, there is no obligation to take examinations. Who, however, decides to document its development through testing will experience that this intensive discussion of the basic techniques and their similarity will help to understand the learning system of Aikido much better. The seemingly endless and confusing variarity of techniques will get structured and the relation between movement and principles become more clear.

The Aikido Dojo am Gleisdreieck is a member of the Aikido Federation Germany (AFD). The AFD is officially recognized by the Aikikai Hombu Dojo and is allowed to test up to 4th Dan Aikikai.

Download test requirements