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Micheline Tissier Shihan 02. - 03. April 2022

Aikido with Micheline Tissier Shihan

We are very happy to welcome Micheline Tissier Sensei back to Berlin this year.

Micheline has startet Aikido at the jung age of 16 directly at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Tokyo.
She holds the rank of 6th dan for many years now, ist technical director of the French Aikido Federation FFAAA and one of the very few female Shihan of the Aikikai Hombu Dojo.

Micheline ist teaching in southern France and has been coming to our dojo for several years. With her warmly and direct way of teaching she has got many fans among our members.

The course is open to beginners and advanced students.

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12.00-2.00pm Aikido
4.30-6.30 pm Aikido

11 am-12 pm Aikido


Aikido Dojo am Gleisdreieck
Tempelhofer Ufer 36, EG, 2. Hof


full seminar 60 Euro
per class 25 Euro