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Bruno Gonzalez Sensei 02. - 03. February 2019

Aikido and Sword seminar

In February 2019, Bruno Gonzalez returns for a seminar in Berlin. Bruno is a direct student of Cristian Tissier and has taught at the Cercle Tisssier in Paris for many years. In addition, he now gives courses all over the world.

We know Bruno from the many seminars with Tissier Shihan and are looking forward to have him again in Berlin.


022019-Bruno Gonzalez


11-12 am Aikiken
12-1.30 pm Aikido
3.30-5.30 pm Aikido

11-12 am Aikiken
12-1.30 pm Aikido


Franz-Mett Sporthalle Berlin
Gormannstrasse 13, 10119 Berlin